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The New Spring

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"The New Spring" is the debut album from The New Spring.

"The New Spring" is a poetic and musical study of love and of having the courage to love – for better or worse. Just like the guitar on the album emphasizes the atmosphere, the lyrics set the scene for the music; lyric and music walk hand in hand on the album. Each song outlines a lyrical scenery, a personal mapping of the labyrinth of love.

The album is written in 3-4 months and even though the sound of the record is minimalistic, the creation process was packed with people. During recordings the studio and the apartment were populated with friends sleeping over, baking bread or singing along on the record. Isolation is not a condition for creation; productivity arises in the encounter with the other human being, just like love arises this way.


released March 28, 2011

Music and lyrics by Bastian Kallesøe. Recorded and mixed by Aske Zidore. Jesper Lidang and Søren Lilholt from The Rumour Said Fire on backing vocals.



all rights reserved


The New Spring Copenhagen, Denmark

The New Spring is the moniker of Copenhagen-based singer-songwriter Bastian Kallesøe.

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Track Name: Little Poem
Through the field of poppies
I will run In a cloud of dust I will cry
And fall asleep where carnations
Yield to unfold in heaps of purple
On the place where she carved the words
Into her own skin
Die Forever”
Below the night is a soft monument
A stuttering chump beneath a porch light
She won’t sit at the table
She wants to be taken to the dance
To the dance
And not by anyone
But him
For whom she cares
Whom she loves
And I will cry in a cloud of dust
I will run through fields of poppies
Track Name: For Everest (Shelley)
The house is like a coffin
Now that everyone’s asleep
On the porch you’re overlooking
The garden and the trees
And I don’t mind the saying
That “you are my light”
Oh, will you burn through this night?

Walk now without your coat on
Let the insects have their way
Lie down among the flowers
Let the dew kiss your face
Think of Jesper and what he said
Let it grow inside your head
Then think of the little ones in their beds
And the wind, when it blows, at the top of Mt. Everest
The vessels surrounding your heart that will never rest
Until it stops

It’s only partially decided
The role that you will play
The path that you have taken
The road that you have laid
Is paved with good intentions
Is crystallized and true
And now it seems hopeless to you

But the wind when it blows is not only for Everest
Sooner than never
It’s always for everest

I don’t mind the saying
That “you are my garden”
And the lake is just a mirror
It’s as clear now as it was then
You wanted her at the spring fair
You wanted her in the grass
You wanted her on that first day
You wanted her since the first day
Track Name: By Your Side
You duck and you swallow the rest
Little crow, I know the schoolyard’s a mess
Bumblebees and skeletons all fighting for a place
By your side

In bed all brimming with fright
On the porch with just one little light
For the gentle things that died when all the fences came apart
By your side

In class I am thinking of you
What was love and beauty to you?
When all I recall of it
Were glass fibers, tiny broken millions
And who would proudly try to hold his breath beneath the surface of the water?
And let the bubbles float upstream to reach the river’s mouth
By your side

Let me see the colts that will run next year
Track Name: A Fox in the Snow
Once I fell asleep in the night
I woke up singing in the morning
And the room was split by threads of light
The curtains were drawn and her door was open

June the 3rd was a waste of time
June the 17th was a waste of life
Waiting for a look in his eyes
For lips to part and apologize

When the snow fell the streets and the yards were lit up
When your heart was slumbering, when your heart was slumbering
And the sky torn apart in the morning was like
Blazing fires burning on far coasts

The cathedral threw itself unto the street
When your heart was slumbering, when your heart was slumbering
In your dream you saw it melt and then splinter away
Grace is fire and the garden is tundra

In the parking lot they throw themselves down in the dirt
Hands are tied by golden strings, they come with precious offerings Despite the terrors they fell in love
And only fire could ever be good enough
Track Name: Sunny Meadows
There’s nothing new about my face
It’s not young and it’s not old
The shores are rocky and a path
Is parting where the hills descend
From the woods into the plains
You walk in search of a clear place to rest
To sleep with your hands on your chest

There’s nothing new about my lips
They’re like the tips of my fingers
In the water I felt yours
Clenching where the rivers end
Where the ocean hits the shore
From the water we will rise up
And then gracefully walking in mud

There’s nothing new about my hands
The palms are sunny meadows
And you told them to be still
But they won’t be still
They have crawled beneath the icy ground
Where the hard bones of the old world are spread out
In fine layers of dust
Track Name: The Glow
My heart lies in your hand
Uneasy now from weeks in the sand
The coast when driving away
Was beautiful and blue on that day
A sound in the night, I’m awake
An itch on my neck
You’re on the front seat

Your hands, your lips and your eyes
All answer to a bold and strange force
But to me the light from last night
Was born from nothing, came from no source
Alone in the car when it hits
So full of fear
I’m on the front seat

I bite my nails
I wait and wait
From the parlors and the pavilions
We will run, we will run
I hope for the sky to clear someday
To look to my side
And you’re on the front seat
Track Name: Ceremony
They have felt it all with you
They have willfully shed
Hundreds of tears
Walked you to your door
And said it once more:
“Pulverize the body,
Part it into atoms
But don’t tell them that it’s all been done before”

So awful, it was a fever that raged
I felt warm by your side
But so cold when we died
We heard the choir sing
And we remembered everything:
The morning when the war came,
Fences all torn up
And parading around in our lavender coifs

In the garden everything appears
To grow by itself
To have a life of its own
There are creatures in the light
All freezing at the sight
Of little gods and rabbits
Heading out into the garden
How they have grown and aged so terribly

The ascend, the parting of the air
We had to carry the little ones, so frightened and bare
And then I felt it
This weird and silly joy
In the rejection which replays itself endlessly now
In a marble interior that echoes with our every word
I tried to tell you that love is like a bird
I tried to tell you, but it never came out
Track Name: Little Poet
You always appear in the same way
By a lakeside, weary, alone
Under the stars and a full moon
With a cancer residing in your bones
And have you completed your essay
On the ramifications of the heart?
On how they are irregular and formless
You have an unsettled notion
Of a poetry that is motion

I saw you walk proudly to the scaffold
With your chin up and a hand on your heart
You had to come clean, to let it all out
When you spoke to her briefly in the yard
You said: “Have you forgiven your parents?
Have you brought peace to their home?
I want our love to be neither fierce nor vengeful
Merely upheld by emotion
And pure, untouched devotion”

Did you ever picture it:
The body when it breaks
And in the front hall we watch it transform
Who out here could ever tell that it was
Once a quivering ocean?

That’s all
And millions will wait
He’s dry
And sick from the wait
Track Name: Barricades
Wait for the fireworks
In a single flash
A thousand angry dogs unleashed
On the boulevard, in the little square, on the street
I feel ashamed

We all saw it
When the fat cop threw his final punch
But you didn’t mind
Tasting blood
‘cause it’s the very blood that runs in you

Wait for a signal flare,
The clasping of hands,
The sound when it all gives in
And love
Tumbling down

I thought about the time when you reflected on the architecture when it grew so exhausted and old a withered monument collapsing due to pressure from within and I remembered your body
and wondered “how to apply such measurements to some sort of solid structure?” and I thought about us laughing at breakfast when you said “oh, to pour myself unto whatever you’re having: the oatmeals of sadness, o longfaced one?” and I thought about you when you were grasping for air at the airport when everyone was clapping and you said “do you think all the shit is split equally? do you think it will pour down upon you and me? do you think I’d be talked to by security if I would cry or just start screaming? I’m going to sleep forever tomorrow”

On a boulevard, in a little square
A thousand people fell asleep
Walk home through the gardens
Pray for summertime
Pray for a little rain
And barricades
Track Name: Maybe Love
As to what the hands are for I have so many questions
All slippery
So would you walk with me?
Out into the garden, on the faded green carpet
Lie beneath the branches and talk, talk about
Maybe love

I tried to write a song for all likeable bullies
I tried to write it out to all forgivable monsters
Wandering aimlessly off into the sunset
Crushing all opposition
In the name of
Maybe love

As to end it now, as to sort of wrap it up
I always hoped for the talking to fade out, to stop
I always hoped for my next one to get what that one deserves
I always hoped for something to part from my bones
To be sent out without ever returning
Maybe love

As to what my hands are for I have so many questions
All slippery
So would you walk with me?
Out into the garden, on the faded green carpet
Lie beneath the branches and talk, talk about
Maybe love