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Late Bloomer

by The New Spring

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Late Bloomer is the 3rd album by Danish folk act The New Spring. The album was recorded in only two days. In the recording process they strayed from using digital effects and anything but the very basic post-processing. The result is a crisp and fresh sound in a musical world more and more dominated by big productions.


released September 15, 2014

Jens Ramon (Figurines) engineered and mixed the album



all rights reserved


The New Spring Copenhagen, Denmark

The New Spring is the moniker of Copenhagen-based singer-songwriter Bastian Kallesøe.

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Track Name: The Hours of the Day
I don't recall a single thing
the water spilling from the drains, the water pouring in
the scented candles, the house at sunset

My happiness is like a pearl
it's not a thing, it's not a boy and it's not a girl
It's just this something that I've been meaning to tell you

See that girl there on the fence
is she as pretty as me?
See that boy there moving slowly
is he as pretty as me?
You can't understand what they say
they have a song for every hour of the day

Why is it that they say that it's dead?
When it still shakes after we cut off its head
See the wings flapping, see it wiggle and dance
with the blood gushing out

Don't let it make you feel sad
look up now, there's mom and there's dad
tell them what happened
tell them that something just ran through the house

Sunday with your best friend
the rain falls, it's beautiful
he is walking over here
he has grown and he is beautiful
you let him know you mean no harm
and with a single touch you'll carry the wind out of his arms

Here's the waterside pavilion
here's the end of all the reasons,
the changing of the seasons
and the water that looks like wind
around the shipwreck,
on the rail
we're moving in and out of its holes
Track Name: A Short Speech About Magic
A sudden decision
and for the rest of my life
nothing from the world entered me
I broke the frame
'cause I wanted your picture to breathe
' cause I wanted to see

Tonight I feel silly
waiting for some kind of sign
for a train to arrive

Thinking about you
walking around after midnight
in the neighborhood

I spoke to someone
outside the convenient store
he told me he was once a young man
assured me while holding my hand
he played with Armstrong, it was Paris in '74

Inside my room your picture can move around accidentally
I took a walk this morning
and for the rest of the day
everything in the world entered me
Track Name: Your Birthday (Stilleben #1)
A set of balloons flying high
inside our room all we have is time
look now, the sun is setting over the houses
brought to the altar, furnished with gold

Walked down the block on my bare feet
I felt the pavement swollen with heat
and something is ready to blow
it's early, but already we know
when the old world dies, it dies in silence

Is there something in you that can't be caught?
In 100 years, in one clear thought?
Look now, the sun is setting over the houses
touching the corners, touching your face

We shut the windows and lock the door
we use our hands for what they are for
and something is ready to blow
it's early, but already we know
one hand from the other

Look, the sun setting over the houses
a bright monument of light
splitting an ill kept front yard
when the backyard is crawling with life
now there's just feeling easy
now it's just a walk in the park
always keep your eyes open
never lose sight of your hands in the dark
Track Name: Late Bloomer
Late bloomer
the word at the party
is the story of your life
is already written

Late bloomer
my heart is a seashell
I'm fearless and open
I want to stop growing

Late bloomer
with a heart tied to your chest
tonight let it all out
blow the smoke into my mouth

Late bloomer
with hair like silver
you're the moon in my sky
the apple of my eye

Late bloomer
it's just a casualty of time
to pass through the stages
to carry our love through the ages

Late bloomer
at a countryside reunion
we're picking wild flowers
and hiding behind the bushes

Late bloomer
it's so funny what you said
that the kids don't want you
that the ground doesn't want you

Late bloomer
Saw you sitting in the kitchen
speaking to yourself
when no one saw you

Late bloomer
there's no beauty in the country
I heard you the first time
I heard you the last time

Late bloomer
but it's already winter
stay with me in hell
stay sick, don't get well

Late bloomer
I've been drinking all across town
I wandered around the room and I didn't speak to anyone
and I carried myself home when I was done

Late bloomer
when it's over, when you're dead
we carry out the groceries in bags and meet up on the spot
where a car is waiting for us outside in the parking lot
to take us away to a mansion with clean windows
to take us away to a hallway where no wind blows
look, the sky is carving out a name
and the picture of the city moves away inside the window frame
on the backseat, I wondered if anyone else here felt the same
Track Name: Crown of Winter
I wear the night sky
'cause I feel like
some lingering star, some lingering star

Wear the seasons
or wear purple if you have to
just blame it all on a change of the heart
or a shift on the outside
the suddenness of a riptide
rushing through the channels underground
you always were the last
you always gave birth with your fingers
moving across the land
in frightening rivers
beating on the river banks
wanting to speak, but never speak to soon
you have the crown of winter blushing on your skin
in blood red petals on your mouth and on your chin
but still a rose is a rose is a rose is a rose
I wear my family like a set of clothes
Track Name: Bees
morning arrived through the trees
eyes fixed on a multitude of bees
silent, moving as one
navigating by the position of the sun
observe and argue
about the time for the next swarm
Track Name: The Resurrection of the Queen of Darkness, 2001
We stumble out on the boulevard in our summer jackets
just before sunset
we've gathered blankets and flashlights, water and supplies
now I follow your lead
a big sun in the sky
looks like a medal or a price

The rain falls like bricks when we arrive
one hour later
of course we have to jump the fence, but then there's a hillside
and a star filled night
we settle in the dirt
feel like astronauts on planet earth

Shaky all day
we've been hanging around, just talking
playing the same song
over and over again
but now that we're here
you have to tell me again
the you're never, never
prepared for it when it happens

I'll be tender and I'll be brave
I can hold your hand if it breaks
and I'll form the perfect circle
and light the scented candles if that's what it takes

A clear sound in my throat when the light came down
A shiver running down my spindle when light came down
I ran for the exit with a fire burning in my head
I ran for the exit with sparks flying from my head

I look up at the floodlights
beating down just like floodlights
we're trapped inside this reservoir
of beautiful glass eyes
and tonight we'll reassemble our bodies in the dark
we can give each other new names
see, I came here because you asked me to
and I won't be afraid when it's time
to get up and leave
Track Name: Every Time We Say Goodbye
Hold the water
inside your mouth, between your lips
let it flow all the way to me
slowly, but now
unguarded somehow
on the lips remains a single pearl
when the kiss has fade from the world
like the river in a tide
water pushing through the sides
we're laughing every time we say goodbye

The summer came back
I went out to see and I fell through the street
feeling like a little child
running again, so alone and wild
and the sun began to rise
and the air had filled with butterflies
sprawling from within
when the orchestra sets in
sounding with the tears we are yet to cry

Walking like a stone
and talking like a stone
until every time we say goodbye
Track Name: Song for Ana Mendieta
It was springtime when you went out into the forest
it's true what they said, you never needed anybody's help
you took the wax from the candles and poured it unto your skin
I still can't believe you would go and do that to yourself

I'm happy and waiting, I'm happy and waiting
I'm still writing my poetry underneath the moon
for a year you were gone, but I got your letters
I took out the best part and now I'll sing it to you:
If we were to imagine a dessert it would have thousands of mirrors
If we were to imagine our hearts it would sound just like our feet
If we were to imagine our children they would be dressed up in little bowties
If we were to imagine a new body it would have the shape of a tree
If we were to imagine a perfect life it would just go on forever
if we were to imagine a new body it would have the shape of a tree

You're like a prayer for rain that is answered with a promise of flood
you're like a longing for peace that is answered with a promise of blood
when the time is right, when the planets align
I will carry your remains and bury them out in the yard
out among all the rosary bushes, I am walking around
like an elephant out in the yard
And we remembered a phrase from a song:
“We are waiting for someone to stand up and wave to us now!”
All the skeletons underneath the floorboards
are thinking of someone who stood up and waved to them
like your sacrifice could ever be enough
when you promised the world you would never look up
at the faded white ribbon, the moon's yellow light
that is pulling the blankets from Saturday nights
unraveling slowly a scene in the dark
You were thinking of someone who called out to you in the dark

Me, my thoughts are flower strewn
aglow at night like wild balloons
the evenings last conversation always heads for the moon
on the night sky we tumble and meet
but in the morning we always land on our feet
Track Name: The Japanese Bridge
All matters put aside
we push the windows open wide
it's a gesture as you do on the first day
I felt a sudden urge to run
like a torso in the sun
waking up after a century of bad luck

The parlor is a womb
the house a brightly lit tomb
I think we should always be outside
where somewhere on the street
someone is calling out for me
I should go out and see what it' s all about

I remember the night
when I entered into your light
and happiness ran through our wires
with a clear and heavy sound
from the body we just found
that is red, that is warm
and that moans when you touch it

And just what is this light?
This bright and burning fright
it's what causes the image to appear
and the garden in bloom
is prettiest in the dark room
when its features glow with radiant wires

We saw him last night
the painter on the bridge
crying out 'cause he is slowly going blind
but as a final work of art
he wants to be flying around the yard
unattended and released from his own weight

You nearly split my face in half
when we collided in the hallway
in the hallway
The sun is going down
and the rain falls in an old way
in an old way
We're out on the street now
come on and show me your way
your way